Thursday, August 30, 2007

What Not to Do When you Graduate In Colorado

From the same state that gave us a school that has banned playing the game "tag" on playgrounds, we get this wonderful news:

Mention Jesus Christ in your valedictorian speech and we'll withhold your diploma until you apologize.

A 2006 Lewis-Palmer High School graduate who mentioned Jesus Christ during a valedictorian speech and had her diploma withheld until she wrote an apologetic letter, has sued the district for allegedly violating her free speech.

Erica Corder was chosen to conclude a commencement speech shared by 15 valedictorians at the Tri-Lakes-area high school in May 2006. Although students’ 30-second speeches were first rehearsed for the principal, she added evangelical comments when her turn came during the ceremony.

Seriously, how messed up has this country gotten? Apparently "In God We Trust" is just a saying anymore. I'm not sure what makes me more upset, the fact that she is supposed to apologize for speaking freely of her religious convictions in a country built on alleged freedom to do so, or that fact that the district tried to extort an apology by withholding something she obviously worked very hard to achieve.

What inflammatory rhetoric did she include at the last minute? Well, this will shock you:

“We are all capable of standing firm and expressing our own beliefs, which is why I need to tell you about someone who loves you more than you could ever imagine. He died for you on a cross over 2,000 years ago, yet was resurrected and is living today in heaven. His name is Jesus Christ. If you don’t already know him personally I encourage you to find out more about the sacrifice he made for you so that you now have the opportunity to live in eternity with him.”

Double thumbs down, three boo-hisses and a "you're a major nugget" to (now "Former" thank goodness) Principal Mark Brewer.

Thank you multiculturalism for working hard to produce a generation of pansies that do not know how to compete or win, and may be inhibited to stand firm for that in which they believe.

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