Friday, August 03, 2007


I happen to be in the Twin Cities for a family reunion this week. I also happened to be on 35W the other night when the bridge collapsed. I missed it by about a half-hour, thank goodness, but it was oddly surreal watching as we saw signs saying "accident at river--highway closed" and then heard/saw police cruisers and fire rescue vehicles, some towing boats, drive by on the shoulder at a rate of about one every 15 seconds. I was heading to NE Minneapolis with my sister to practice a song we're singing on Saturday for our parents' 50th wedding anniversary. My sister looks over at me and says, "we left late, just think if we'd been on time?" We held hands for a second and were left to ponder the fate of those on the bridge. What were their stories? Had someone left early and missed it? Had someone raced through a light changing to red to "make it" only to be on the bridge when it went down? This sort of thing really puts things in perspective.

My prayers are with those who were affected by this. I trust that all is well--or will be made well soon.

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