Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hidden Springs - Heaving Lungs

Went out for a Memorial Day ride with six others to Eagle, Idaho yesterday. What I didn't know was that we were going to Eagle, but that Eagle was not our destination. We ended up riding through Eagle on our way to Hidden Springs--via the very long Dump Hill climb up Seaman's Gulch Rd. I did this last September and it seemed easier back then. Of course in September I parked at the bottom of the hill and rode. Monday I rode to the hill and rode some more. I also wasn't a week removed from a century (gotta milk that, but this should be the last mention).

If you've never been to Hidden Springs, it's like Mayberry in the mountains. Cute little town but not one I'd like to live in, although when considering the move to Boise, I did look at a few houses. Funny that now I remember riding up that windy rode with my Realtor...and now I've ridden it. I think the grades are something like 11% - 18%...not for the faint of lung...or heart.

Good ride. I really earned my Memorial Day bratwurst to be consumer later that evening. I had two. Mmmm...

Good Local Riding in Boise

I've only been out with the SPIN Idaho group once, but I really enjoyed my time. I met Michael, one of the "ringleaders" for this group, and rode with about twenty other like-minded roadies on a windy day in Kuna, Idaho. Of course, the more I ride in Idaho, the more I realize that Idaho is not really ever going to be wind-free. I just wish it wouldn't be a headwind in any direction.

I digress: The group is top-notch, there are no drops, and the skill level varies. Michael rides his recumbent and the rest ride a hodge-podge of roadies, hybrids, etc. I was happy to ride and can't wait for the next opportunity. I recommend SPIN Idaho if you're in the area, new to the area, or just looking to ride with a bunch of good folks.

The group keeps a great calendar on its website, including maps and a list of upcoming rides. Enjoy the ride!

Friday, May 25, 2007

What's this Technorati thing?

I've decided to be a publicity hound and use my new Technorati Profile to drive a little outside traffic to my lonely blog. If you've stumbled upon this blog, be kind, rewind.

Do we even have a use for that phrase in today's world? I mean, hey, DVD...

I'm a 21st Century Man

Last Saturday I fulfilled what I had jokingly referred to as my final opportunity to accomplish a New Year's Resolution for 2007: I completed my first century ride on my roadie.

The ride encompassed a thrice-round 33-mile loop in Rupert, Idaho. It's sponsored by the town as part of Rupert Days and it looks like there's a local bike shop guy by the name of Rock who owns Rock's Cycling and Fitness on Main St. in Burley. You ride for free, but make a donation to Bikes for Kids. I dug up an old article that looks to chronicle the genesis of the idea.

The group that did the century was about 30-strong. We finished our second loop about ten minutes before the strong riders finished their century. It was incredibly windy out there as we pushed south and west, but the going was great on the north and east legs. I rode with two friends I've met since moving to Idaho, both of whom I've spun with all winter and now just look to get out with in the good weather.

Next goal? Who knows...a double? Am I that crazy?

Update: By the way, I'm the good-looking one in the picture...

Quick Cycling Thought

I was over reading a bit on the The Fat Cyclist blog earlier and posted a comment that came to me regarding the doping scandals in cycling: "Lance" is an anagram of "clean." Of course "Floyd" isn't, but I still think Landis was clean as well. I'm not sure why, but in my gut, I trust him...at least more than the WADA and USADA. Definitely more than Lemond, which is an anagram for L Demon.

Anyway, with Bjarne Riis coming out saying he doped today, and willing to give back his maillot jeune and be stripped of his title, the pressure ratchets a bit on ol' Floyd. Looks like Erik Zabel and some other elite cyclists have come out of the Rx closet as well. Why isn't anyone looking at Miguel Indurain? Five in a row? He had to be on EPO, right?

If Indu goes down, though, I think my heart would break. I'm Danish by heritage and Basque at heart. Riis's confession I can live with...but I've been to Indu's hometown...lived 2km from it...cheered loudly when he was dominating...I don't know what I'd do.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Why I Moved to Idaho

I had one of those moments that made me grateful that I moved out of California. I had an 8:00 flight from Boise on Tuesday and was pleased with the elite upgrade to first class. I arrived early, plugged in my laptop (free WiFi at BOI) and iPod and settled in for about an hour of work before boarding. When they called to board, I got my things together and got on with the others in the first class cabin. I settled in, opted for the raisin bran with fruit, and struggled to stay awake. As I landed in Minneapolis, I was refreshed and ready for leg #2 to Detroilet. As I made my way from the D Concourse to the F Concourse, I started to have a bit of a realization that made me uneasy. As I got to my gate, I rifled through my bags. I looked again. No iPod. After about...hmmm...two seconds of thinking, I realized that my iPod was still plugged into the wall at gate B16. In Boise.

I called the airport and after being redirected twice, got connected to operations. I asked about it and they said they'd send a custodian to the gate to check on it, and that I should call back in ten minutes.

I called back.

It was still plugged into the wall.

I was not surprised.

The woman at operations told me that they have cash turned in all the time.

I was not surprised.

I'm glad we moved to Boise.

This is the sort of environment we envisioned for the raising of our children. What was the kicker? Nathan heard about me leaving the iPod in the airport and he said a prayer and asked Heavenly Father to help me get back my iPod. Well, prayers really are answered. Even in Boise.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

A Very Convenient Article

I'm a total Weather Channel junkie. Nevertheless, I'm disturbed by the politicization of the weather by the liberal ex-CNN'ers at TWC as well as radical blowhard and Columbia University (need I say more) grad "Dr." Heidi Cullen who insists that humans are the cause for climate change.

To these individuals, I submit this article. Enjoy the read from one of the pioneers of meteorology and climatology. From the looks of it, Reid Bryson has been pioneering weather studies and breaking research ground since Dr. Cullen's mom was a gleam in her grandfather's eye.

How inconvenient.