Friday, August 17, 2007

Why I Love Idaho #11

I didn't graduate from BSU...although my undergrad alma mater has a "B" and a "U" in its acronym. I just moved here in 2006--before the football season started. I'm not really a "BSU" fan. But I do know a football game when I see one.

So in preparation for this year's football season, and the ensuing blue/orange rush I'm sure I'll see on the streets (probably win or lose, but I don't know) here in the Boise area, I offer this look back to what was the best college football game I think I've ever witnessed.

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Pippa said...

Very cool. MSI used footage from this game at our annual meeting last week. Imagine me sitting at a table of men who were cheering the replay as it began, oblivious to the import of the moment. Then I thought, "Hey, Cosmo was probably watching this live." So I had a vicarious moment of connection with you, months and months later. oxo