Monday, November 12, 2007

Veterans, Thank You.

I was driving around Boise today and as coincidence would have it, stopped at a light behind a late model sedan with this license plate:

My wife noted that of all the military/veteran plates out there, this is the one that really hits her hard. I was choked up, too. She said she'd get out and knock on the man's window if she didn't think she'd startle him and his wife.

As for our Veteran's Day observance, what can we do? We'll be going to our neighbor's home this evening. He was a sailor in WWII and lives with his son here.

I just want to say that when you see a veteran, thank them. Hug them. Shake hands with them. A while back I almost missed the opportunity at the local grocery store--but seized it when presented the second time--to acknowledge a WWII/Korean War veteran. If you could've seen the look of humility in this man's face, and the look of pride in that of his wife, you'd never miss another opportunity--and would seek to create them--to thank veterans for everything with which we've been blessed in this great country.

Thank you veterans. I'll be forever in your debt.

If you'd like to support a good cause, check out my friend Chip's blog. He's affiliated with the Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund, and is doing something about it.

Are You Tired of This Guy?

Juan Carlos is! My respect for the Spanish king has always been high ever since I saw what he did when Col. Tejero Molina tried a military coup in the Madrid cortes back in 1981. Now that he laid the hammer down on Hugo Chavez in this clip, JCI has reaffirmed himself as "el hombre." Enjoy.

FYI: "¿Por qué no te callas?" is "Why don't you zip it?" in English...clásico.

Update: In this link, Juan Carlos has had enough of another South American dignitary and gets up and leaves. This provides a little context as well, as apparently Chavez called former Spanish president Aznar a "fascist." In other news, the pot in attendance called the kettle sitting to Chavez's right "black." Incredible.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Once a Cougar...

I had a great weekend driving back to watch my undergrad alma mater destroy yet another opponent on the gridiron. It was my first trip to LaVell Edwards Stadium--since they renamed it after I was last there in 1995. The Cougars did not disappoint and won the game handily. I had a great time there with my wife and four other couples from here in Idaho. Campus has changed somewhat since I left in 1994, but at the end of the day, BYU is BYU. It will always be THE University of Utah.