Sunday, September 02, 2007

The Nater #1

Where I go to church, on the first Sunday of the month, congregation faithful are given the opportunity to take the podium and share their thoughts, feelings and convictions about their faith. It's known as "testimony meeting." It's really a neat concept, as we learn, grow and gain strength from each other on this special day.

Enter my son.

He's four, and informed us mid-meeting today that he would like to "bear his testimony" to the congregation. Mind you, this is the same guy who just this morning while tossing a sponge ball around the living room, hit Jesus's picture and remarked, "I wanted Jesus to play catch with us...he's good at catch." Mom and I talked briefly to him and surmised that he was sufficiently able (to not say something inappropriate) to share his feeling with the congregation.

He bounded up to the pulpit and walked with conviction to the microphone. He started off with "I'd like to bear my testimony..." and then took a half-step away from the mike and said (audibly for the congregation): "Actually Mom, I don't want to do this" as he broke into tears.

My wife, being the great mother that she is, met our son as he rushed off the stand and carried this cute, handsome, brave sobbing little boy out of the meeting for some one-on-one love. I couldn't have been more humbled by my son today. I think he's probably one of the bravest little four year-olds I know.

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