Monday, December 31, 2007

Chuck E. Cheesy

Went to Chuck E. Cheese last Saturday with the two big ones. Of course I spent about 100 big ones while there...but as you can see from the picture, the kids love it. It only took me about a minute to not worry about whether the kids were "wasting" their tokens on games. The ROI on the tickets back doesn't get you anything the end of the day, you get 300 tickets, a plastic bug ring, and smiles on the kids' faces. (Having a spray bottle of anti-bacterial/germicidal/anti-fungal/ay carumba is good, too.)

I'm Done Dreaming

Since we moved up here, we at least get a shot at a White Christmas every year. This year we hit the jackpot. Enjoy the picture of our little slice of paradise...taken from a low-res Motorola cell phone.

Friday, December 14, 2007

A Little Perspective.

From my Mom, I give you this link. No real lead-up, just click it and listen. I could only think "from the mouths of babes."

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Now That Baseball is a Confirmed Cheat-Fest

I give you another reason to watch hockey.

You can be sure that when baseball players fight, it's probably roid-rage or because someone told someone else they had a big fat (HGH-induced) head. In hockey, it's just adrenaline--and enhances the entertainment value.

Remember, the guy who watched this fight from section 212 paid $20 for his seat--and got this in addition to a whole hockey game. The same rube who saw similar results from Mike Tyson in his prime would've shelled out hundreds for a crummy seat. Who's the smarter fan?

Monday, December 10, 2007

Church Shooting in Colorado

With the church shootings in Colorado dominating news coverage today, I am drawn to James E. Faust's address from April 2007's LDS General Conference.

It's difficult to say how I'd react in such an instance. I can only pray that God would grant me the clarity to take the Amish road in such a case.

Posts Without Pictures

Just another of the free services that I offer.

Well, after about three months of working at home--and not traveling a single mile for business--I reentered the world of the business traveler last week with a one-nighter to San Jose. My thoughts:

1. The Quality Inn & Suites - Silicon Valley/Sunnyvale is neither quality nor sweet. Picture this nice setting: out the front door, you have the 101 whizzing by; around the door to my "suite" is this non-religious aura caused, no doubt, by a door supplier who didn't "get with" the frame supplier to ensure that the doors were the same size. It was like having a doggy door that went all the way around the entry; breakfast consisted of 37 ways to serve bread: waffles, bagels, toast, muffins (English or otherwise), etc. and a juice machine that had the old stalwarts apple and orange--with some odd concoction called "Pass-o-Mango" sandwiched in-between. Tasty. Um...

2. I recall that Norman Mineta was a commerce secretary under Pres. Clinton and a transportation secretary under Pres. Bush--but found out he was mayor of San Jose. What else I was reminded of this week, is that the rental car area at the airport that bears his name in San Jose stinks. Um, hey, San Jose? Seeing as how it rains there fairly regularly, you may want to invest in a canopy or two. How I love running from my car drop-off to the bus drop-off under the protection of my "fits-in-your-bag" umbrella. Nice work, Norm. And to the shuttle driver that closed the door as I was walking up to the shuttle--just two steps away--I saw the placard with your name on it, "Vincent." I'll be back in January--and I have a long memory for missed buses.

3. I hate Hyundai Elantras. XM satellite radio make them bearable, however.

4. I usually make a wrong turn on a business trip. This was no different. What stinks about NoCal, however, is that you can get off the freeway at an exit--but usually you cannot hop right back on. Thanks, Caltrans. Te amo.

5. I love me some CRJ Horizon Air planes. Irene the flight attendant was a breath of fresh air, however. The only empty seat on the plane was next to me (created a nice "buffer" between me and the loo...yup--I got to sit in the delicious back seat. Irene shared with me all of the fun that goes with turbulence with story after story. I thanked the Good Lord that my wife wasn't in that empty seat. I'm sure I'd have had "squeeze marks" on my forearm, chest, neck and head.