Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Hal Fishman Dead at 75

If you've never lived in SoCal, you probably have little idea who Hal Fishman is. If you have, you know exactly who he is, and you've probably gotten your news from him on more than one occasion. He's even played a newsman in the movies. Hal Fishman, like he said, was not easy on the eyes and had less-than-average hair, but he was believable. Most folks in SoCal if asked, could probably not name another main-desk anchor on the news in California. Hal was sort of a caricature for me when I first moved to SoCal in 1994, 30+ years after he started broadcasting, but I could always count on Hal's intelligent commentary on the news when needed.

RIP Hal.

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Greg said...

Hal was also the inspiration for Kent Brockman, newscaster on the Simpsons....