Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Barack's History Primer

In this article on, presidential hopeful and freshman US Senator Barack Obama makes this comment:

“I agree with George W. Bush when in his second inaugural address he proclaimed a universal desire to be free,” Obama wrote. “But there are few examples in history in which the freedom men and women crave is delivered through outside intervention.”

I don't have much to say about Sen. Obama, but when I read this passage, the first example of men and women being given freedom with the help of outside intervention that came to my mind was our own American ancestors. Unless you read some odd not-founded-in-fact revisionist version of American history, it's clear that without the assistance of the French, the under-equipped, outgunned, outmanned American Revolutionaries would have been incapable of prevailing against the British. Oddly enough, the French were still ruled at that time by a monarch, although not for long. Of course, I believe that Divine intervention played a role as well. That's not to say that God didn't have a hand in influencing the French. Well, God, John Adams and Ben Franklin, right?

Should Obama be nominated by the Democratic Party I will not vote for him. A man who is clearly ungrateful for what we have in America and the obligation we have to spread freedom, an obligation that has never been greater, is not worthy of my vote.

Who would get my vote? Too soon to tell.

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