Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A Message from the Front

I ride with a group of folks every year in the MS Bike Tour...those of you who know me well have most likely already been contacted by me for a donation in the past. This past year, we welcomed a pair of wonderful women to our team: Jennica and Karri. They're both amazing in their own way. Jennica inspired us all as she competed...and completed...the MS 150 while waging her own personal battle against MS. I cried tears of joy as we clasped hands and led the team across the finish line on day two. Jennica is incredible.

Karri has inspired be to do better in a different arena. I'm including an email I got from her today here, and she's given me permission to do so. After you read it, make note of what you have today because someone before you out of duty and bravery, paid the ultimate price for you to have it...even though you've never met. I welcome your comments and stories about how you've tried to make a difference in the lives of others, especially those serving our GREAT country.

God bless America. God bless our brave men and women in the armed forces.

From Karri Turner:

Hello friends!

Well, I made it home....back from Iraq. It was such an amazing trip during a history making time. I was sleeping in Saddam's palace the day he was about surreal. We were the only 4 entertainers there at that time.

We were able to visit many of the out laying bases that never get a visit due to the danger factor. My pal Judy who puts these shows together is a firm believer in getting to those remote sights. As it turns out, that is where they need it the most.

I traveled with 2 NFL football stars from the Chicago Bears: Jim McMahon and Kevin Butler....boy where they a HUGE hit! They let the guys and gals wear their Superbowl ring. We were also with Dave Price from the CBS Morning show....he is hilarious and made everyone laugh until our muscles were sore.

I'm emailing you because I managed to catch some cold/flu and it's just now rearing it's ugly head. I'll be recovering for a few days, but I just wanted you to know I was home and safe and as usual, so very proud to be an American.

Our men and women over there so unbelievably brave. We were in places where 19 mortars hit the day before. They lost some of their friends, and ask us to sign a tears your heart out. Meanwhile, we were able to attend briefings that showed that little by little we are changing things. We have started to turn the heads of the "leaders" in Iraq to our side and they are helping substantially. Don't believe everything you hear on the news....dirty laundry sells no one wants to hear that this war might actually work. To each his own, but as far as I can see, from super dangerous places like Rimadi, we are impacting the area in a huge way.

Ok, enough for now, off to bed/couch/bed/couch....tea.
Big hugs to everyone who kept me in their prayers....this trip was BY FAR the most dangerous due to the remote sites we visited....had to go pee in a kevlar jacket and helmet.

Karri "Commando" Turner

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