Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Weather Channel Goes Political

I'm a Weather Channel junkie. I can name the on-air personalities on sight (with pretty good accuracy). I watch in the morning and evening...I care about the weather. As a business traveler, I rely on the forecasts to help me do everything from pack properly to anticipate airport delays or whether my fingernails will be left in the armrests of seat 2B.

That is why this disturbs me so much. TWC has caved to politics, the sort of politics that are being forced on it by Wonya Lucas. (Note: beware the HUGE picture of Ms. Lucas. Good golly this woman may have an inferiority complex.) Upon further review, you can get a fair idea for what Ms. Lucas may have "learned" while studying God-knows-what at Georgia Tech University.

This inability to allow dissenting viewpoints was honed as an undergrad. Now, fuse that with Dr. Heidi Cullen and her Columbia-educated ego and you've got one liberal trainwreck spinning out of control.

The full text of conservative radio personality Melanie Morgan of San Francisco appears here. I suggest you give it a read. For a dissenting viewpoint, click here. You make the call. Ask yourself, however, is the weather blue or red? Should it be?

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