Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Huff Poo

I've been a little too busy to blog, but I'll add this little bit quickly. The Huffington Post does not advocate freedom of thought or diversity of speech. I have now been "banned from posting" for the second time on that site. I don't state this because I feel that somehow my life now has a void. I'll come clean: I only posted there to see what sort of fun I could have at the expense of those who congregate there from the left to exercise their BDS, commonly known as Bush Derangement Syndrome. Arianna Huffington ought to change her URL to www.hatingtonpost.com. It would be a little more appropriate.

The site is full of left wing conspiracy theorists, nutjobs, kool-aid drinkers and self-deluded idiots whose only ability to debate shows through in their colorful language and inability to string together a coherent thought. Of course, they all claim that anyone who thinks differently than they do is uneducated, a redneck or the ultimate epithet a neocon. Although I link to this site here, I do so not because I want you to log on and post, but instead because I want you to see what years of psychedelic mushrooms, LSD and marijuana can do to a human being.

If you're wondering what political slant is on display at HuffPoo: Sean Penn, George Clooney and Alec Baldwin are regular contributors, and the masses drool for Al Franken and consider Nancy Pelosi their Messiah. I emailed a month ago when I was banned the first time for an explanation as to why. No answer as of today. I have since (today) submitted my second request, this time for being banned under a second screen name. We'll see if the free-speechers at HuffPoo decide to show a little backbone.

Might I recommend sites with a little more intelligence here and here. Take note of the absence of name-calling (or at least the severe decline in incidences) on these sites.

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