Sunday, January 28, 2007

Gump Worsley. Legend.

This is the first goalie who I remember seeing play. I think I was four or five. At any rate, he is the original ironman and tough guy as far as I'm concerned. The man played 21 seasons, 20 without a mask. Old school.

Click on this link and read about how Gump got shot up with horse serum so he could go and shut out the Chicago Blackhawks in game seven of the 1965 playoffs. Yes, horse serum. What the heck is that?

I played broomball in high school and remember having written, in black permanent marker, the phrase "Gump Worsley Lives" on the shaft of my broom. I repeated the feat in college intramural hockey, adult league roller and ice hockey in Southern California and plan to teach my son the ways of Gump so he can pay homage to the man.

Rest in peace, Gump. You'll be missed.

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