Monday, December 11, 2006

Really sorry I missed this...

I'm not that old, but in my shorter-than-Methuselah existence, I've not seen a former US president do so much to undermine America, American democracy or the foreign policy of a nation that has actually been surprisingly bipartisan as former president Carter has done over the last few years.

His latest salvo is, if reviews are to be believed (I won't be purchasing the book as a conscientious objector to fiction-posing-as-fact books), nothing other than anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli rhetoric. Palestinian apologists must be drooling with anticipation for the Arabic translation. Of course, since the PA and its predecessor the PLO have done little to improve academic performance within the so-called "occupied territory," opting instead to preoccupy themselves with anti-Israel hate-ucation, they may have to wait for the audio book. Of course, ask any Palestinian child to locate "the devil" on a map, and they'll be able to point to "Israel" on any map. It's not that the education system in Palestine doesn't work, it's what's in the curriculum that's disturbing.

Perhaps the most disturbing part of this is the stature of some of their sympathizers within the international community. Ex-president Carter stumping for anything not helpful to Israel. It's enough to make you wonder if Plains, Georgia isn't really a little-known anti-American outpost in the Holy Land.

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