Sunday, December 10, 2006

Injustice, and then justice

So last week, the Vikings play the Bears to an offensive standstill, give up to touchdowns on special teams, throw a bunch of INTs and lose at Soldier Field. I think hey surrendered thirteen yards of rushing and the Bears QB had a rating of 1.3. And they still lost.

Nothing cures losing quite like a trip to Detroit. Today, the #1 defense against the run held Detroilet to minus-3 yards rushing...and won. Injustice and justice.

I will always be a Vikings fan. It's hard to be a Vikings fan. What have they given me over the years? Four Super Bowl losses. The great choke of 1998. A dominating offense and a dominating defense, but never in the same year. Nevertheless, I will always be a Vikings fan. Cut my arm and out pours purple. Skol!

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