Thursday, December 28, 2006

Casino Royale

This is a rehash of a post that for some reason unbeknownst to me, was lost in the ethersphere.

Casino Royale is now my favorite Bond movie. I like this Craig character. The movie, made from I think the second Bond book, is purely visceral not technological. The chases, the fights, the action: All man-to-man. I love it. There are no gratuitous product marketing spots for hp, BMW, Rover, etc. Bond logs onto the secure MI-6 server a few times but then goes right back to getting his nuggets whacked by the bad guys. And men, there is a scene in here where just that happens. A friend of mine said he left the theater the second time he watched the movie because he was "upset at how cruel man can be to man." Note that this was the second time he saw it, and that he knew what was going to happen...and he still left. The male nether-region and any unnatural behavior surrounding it are a touchy subject to men.

All this having been said, I can only imagine that had the movie been made in the 60s, the big poker showdown wouldn't have been poker at all, much less No Limit Texas Hold 'em. I'm sure it would've been a more elegant game of baccarat or blackjack.

Go see this movie. Worth the $10. Worth another $10. Enjoy.

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