Saturday, December 16, 2006


As a lifelong fan of the NHL, I feel kind of hypocritical about voicing this opinion, but I am no longer a fan of the NBA. It's been graduallly happening over the last few years, but tonight, I can say, that even if I was given tickets to an NBA game, I would turn them down.

Oddly enough, the last team I saw play in an NBA game was the Denver Nuggets, and they're the reason for my decision. In New York tonight, the thugs of the NBA who can't take losing had a brawl. Ten players were ejected and one fan was turned off for good. This is what you get for allowing the lowest common denominator to rule your league. You have kids who didn't attend college, and, therefore, may have barely attended high school, playing a game where the worst player on the worst team may be making millions. Add all of that to a little testosterone and "manhood questioning" and affrontery and you've got today's NBA.

I have a simple solution to the pox on pro sports that is the athlete who feels he can do no wrong: You throw a punch? You're banned for life. You hit a ref? You're banned for life. You use profane language on the court? You're out for good. You take drugs? You're out for good. Nothing cleans up a situation quite like a good, solid no-tolerance policy. If pro sports adopts one, I'd be shocked, but it just may be a reason for me to return to my seat and watch the NBA again.

Are you listening, David Stern?

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