Sunday, December 10, 2006


I still can't figure out what I want this blog to be. Apparently, however, I've forgotten that I want it to be evidenced by the scarcity of posts. So in a moment of lucidity, I figured that it really doesn't matter what I long as a I write something. How about an online journal with a steady dose of personal anecdote and opinion. That sounds good, doesn't it?

So it begins. With the trip I'm currently on, I enter a new world. I go from Silver elite in '06 to Gold for '07. I guess what that means is that on certain routes, instead of having 38 people in front of me for first class upgrades (Boston to Minneapolis last week), now I'll only have twelve. So 50,000 miles later, I may have a little more comfort in 2007. Here's the deal, though, as a Silver in '06, I've gotten at least a half-dozen first-class upgrades, so I think I'm in good shape (at least coming out of Boise). My wife will probably appreciate me not "taking a trip just to take a trip" like I did last December to make elite.

So what are my perks, anyway? Well, the first class thing has been mentioned. I also get to get on the plane no later than right after first class boards (if I'm not in it)...which is money to me, since I get my bags up top where I want them. (I've turned into the "all carry-on" guy who doesn't check bags on short trips...such thing I hadn't supposed I'd be.) One other cool perk is that I get a 50% mileage bonus on anything I fly. For 2007 I'll get 100% of the miles. Hopefully that will mean additional frequent flyer tickets that my wife, who hates to fly, will never want to redeem. Life is so fair it's unfair.

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