Thursday, December 14, 2006


If you've never irrigated on the Erie Canal, you may not be aware of the phrase "low bridge, everybody down!" If you've never navigated in New Jersey, you've never seen one of the non-wonders of the modern world: The "jughandle."

Last night, I was reintroduced in a very sick way to the concept of the jughandle. I'm in town for business in New Jersey and decided, after four nights on the road, that I'd go take in a movie. I know exactly where the movie house is, since I drive by it everyday on my way to our main office. Thanks to jughandles, however, my two mile drive turned into ten miles of back and forth, missing my "handle" and having to go to the next jughandle to u-turn and come back, only to take another jughandle to make the turn into the movie theater. It's a good thing I left quite early or I may have missed a few of the five hundred previews and advertisements prior to the actual 2h 24m of "feature presentation" that I actually went to see.

I'd like to take this moment and share my true feelings about jughandles. Nevertheless, I'm a respectable individual that doesn't think that my loved ones who read this would like line upon line of profanity and ill will. This much should suffice: I hate jughandles. I think I'll print a t-shirt.

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reporter07 said...

I'm a reporter for a major American newspaper. I'm writing a piece about highway oddities, including Jersey jughandles. I read your blog entry concerning your feelings about the jughandles and would like to speak to you briefly by phone. I don't want to leave my name or the name of my paper here, but if you email me at, I can give you those details. Once you have my name, you can search for my credentials on the Web. Hope to hear from you soon.