Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hidden Springs - Heaving Lungs

Went out for a Memorial Day ride with six others to Eagle, Idaho yesterday. What I didn't know was that we were going to Eagle, but that Eagle was not our destination. We ended up riding through Eagle on our way to Hidden Springs--via the very long Dump Hill climb up Seaman's Gulch Rd. I did this last September and it seemed easier back then. Of course in September I parked at the bottom of the hill and rode. Monday I rode to the hill and rode some more. I also wasn't a week removed from a century (gotta milk that, but this should be the last mention).

If you've never been to Hidden Springs, it's like Mayberry in the mountains. Cute little town but not one I'd like to live in, although when considering the move to Boise, I did look at a few houses. Funny that now I remember riding up that windy rode with my Realtor...and now I've ridden it. I think the grades are something like 11% - 18%...not for the faint of lung...or heart.

Good ride. I really earned my Memorial Day bratwurst to be consumer later that evening. I had two. Mmmm...

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