Friday, May 25, 2007

I'm a 21st Century Man

Last Saturday I fulfilled what I had jokingly referred to as my final opportunity to accomplish a New Year's Resolution for 2007: I completed my first century ride on my roadie.

The ride encompassed a thrice-round 33-mile loop in Rupert, Idaho. It's sponsored by the town as part of Rupert Days and it looks like there's a local bike shop guy by the name of Rock who owns Rock's Cycling and Fitness on Main St. in Burley. You ride for free, but make a donation to Bikes for Kids. I dug up an old article that looks to chronicle the genesis of the idea.

The group that did the century was about 30-strong. We finished our second loop about ten minutes before the strong riders finished their century. It was incredibly windy out there as we pushed south and west, but the going was great on the north and east legs. I rode with two friends I've met since moving to Idaho, both of whom I've spun with all winter and now just look to get out with in the good weather.

Next goal? Who knows...a double? Am I that crazy?

Update: By the way, I'm the good-looking one in the picture...

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