Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Why I Moved to Idaho

I had one of those moments that made me grateful that I moved out of California. I had an 8:00 flight from Boise on Tuesday and was pleased with the elite upgrade to first class. I arrived early, plugged in my laptop (free WiFi at BOI) and iPod and settled in for about an hour of work before boarding. When they called to board, I got my things together and got on with the others in the first class cabin. I settled in, opted for the raisin bran with fruit, and struggled to stay awake. As I landed in Minneapolis, I was refreshed and ready for leg #2 to Detroilet. As I made my way from the D Concourse to the F Concourse, I started to have a bit of a realization that made me uneasy. As I got to my gate, I rifled through my bags. I looked again. No iPod. After about...hmmm...two seconds of thinking, I realized that my iPod was still plugged into the wall at gate B16. In Boise.

I called the airport and after being redirected twice, got connected to operations. I asked about it and they said they'd send a custodian to the gate to check on it, and that I should call back in ten minutes.

I called back.

It was still plugged into the wall.

I was not surprised.

The woman at operations told me that they have cash turned in all the time.

I was not surprised.

I'm glad we moved to Boise.

This is the sort of environment we envisioned for the raising of our children. What was the kicker? Nathan heard about me leaving the iPod in the airport and he said a prayer and asked Heavenly Father to help me get back my iPod. Well, prayers really are answered. Even in Boise.

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basquegirl said...

Don't forget all the super awesome Basque people here and the DMV.