Monday, June 11, 2007

As we drove in from Las Vegas back to Southern California last night, I was reminded why we left.

All through Utah we were grouped on I-15 with courteous drivers who passed on the left, then returned to the #2 lane to drive like civilized people.

Once we crossed the crest of the hill just north of the Vegas Speedway, the Oblivions took control of the freeway. We left Vegas, then Jean, then Primm...and a strange thing happened. People began to behave like animals. Unnecessary and unsignaled lane changes. Weaving in and out of 150 miles of bumper-to-bumper traffic. Gunning the accelerator in order to hurry to stop 100 meters further up the road.

Then, as we approached Yermo, the coup de gras. We were actually stopped, for the first time in recent memory, and asked: "Are you traveling in from Idaho?" Yes. "Do you have any produce?" No. As we drove away, my wife turned to me and asked "why does California spend more time caring about a banana or a peach entering illegally than a human being?"

Interesting thought.

I was actually more curious as to whether the inspection station agent knew that Ready For The World called and wanted their hair back.

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