Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Why I Love Idaho #8

It's a beautiful day in the Boise area and I've got every window in the house open. This just provided me with a wonderful piece to the soundtrack of my day. I hear commercial jets quite a bit as we're near the flight path to Boise Airport, but my ear is now tuned to the unmistakable sound of non-commercial jets: the military jets that also call Boise home.

Gowen Field Air National Guard Base, just south of the commercial airport, is home to the 124th Wing. As I looked out my window just now, I was treated to a pair of F-16s flying west in formation. Although there aren't any F-16s technically based in Boise (try Mountain Home AFB) we see them fly over quite a bit because of the AFB in Mountain Home being only about a half-hour's drive over the ridge.

On July 4th, we were treated to a fly-over of an A-1o. I don't know much about military aircraft, but I can spot an A-10. That is an impressive plane--and one you don't want any piece of in the field of battle--unless you're in the cockpit.

What the flyovers do for me is serve as a reminder of the importance of defending what we know is right, understanding that there are hundreds of thousands of soldiers and families that lay their all on the line every day and that we ought to be thankful to God above every minute of every day for what we take for granted in this land.

God Bless America.

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