Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Those Amazing Men and their Debit Machines

The link above is to an article in Spanish, but let me translate the title at least:

"Si robas una tarjeta de crédito, ¡Utilízala en los peajes!"

--> "If you steal a credit card, use it on the tollways!"

The author of this article talks about how his credit card (a 4B card like the one I had in the late 80s in Spain) was stolen and that, although he called Banco Santander and cancelled it, it can still be used at toll booths across Spain. Apparently, the toll booths are not equipped to "handle this sort of fraudulent use."

He closes tongue-in-cheek: "With a little luck, I'll find a Gold Visa in the next couple of days. When that happens, I'm off to St. Petersburg...and the tolls for everyone following my car are on me!"

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