Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I Am Awesome!

Okay, so that title is a bit presumptuous, but I accomplished something yesterday that was totally unexpected. Background: I had read in Bicycling Magazine about a year ago that the best way to teach a kid to ride without training wheels (and also the fastest) was to take them to a grassy hill with a slight incline and basically send them down it. That's the first video you'll see below.

After breakfast-for-dinner last night, I took Nate out on the "hill" in our common area behind the house and got him on his bike for some "lessons." Nate took about four trips down the grassy hill and wanted to hit the pavement (not literally). That's the second video you'll see.

The time difference between the two videos is fifteen minutes (Carrie said it was actually fourteen). The article in Bicycling promised fifteen minutes. They delivered. Nathan rode his bike to TCBY last night (about two miles) and wanted more this morning. He's doing so well! Plus he learned to ride a bike two years before Riley did and three years before his old man. (I've made up for my late start!)

GREAT WORK, NATE! Ride on, my brother!


Joneel said...

Impressive. Now I can share this great tip with my kids. So glad you shared. PS Your house looks so pretty.

monique said...

Congratulations Nate! (Mom & Dad - just make sure you don't dress him in a bear costume and teach him to moon walk. He'll get hit for sure!)

Aunt Lesli said...

"I'm fine and I'm so good at riding a two-wheeler." Yes you are, Nate! You look way awesome on your bike, dude!