Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A Baby, A Baby, We Have Got a Baby...!

The family count is now six. I'm good with that. Carrie says she's good too. We'll see who flinches first. Our latest little bundle o'joy arrived at 11:49 a.m. MDT today. She was six pounds, thirteen ounces at birth, and if I heard right, she's twenty-one inches long. I left to go get the siblings before they measured her. Carrie had a pretty quick delivery (according to her doctor it was a push and a twenty-four hours of hard labor!).

SHE'S TINY. A total peanut. Enjoy the pictures and video!


Neli42 said...

Yay! We are so happy for all of you! She is, of course, gorgeous. You guys always get the chemistry right. :-)

Carl says: She's so dang cute!

Blackeyedsusan6 says: I love my new baby cousin!

Thanks for posting vids as well as pix. We like LG announcing that she kissed the baby.


Anonymous said...

HAPPY DAYS!! Maren is beautiful, AND so are you Carrie; no one would believe you just gave birth!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!
Love you......Aunt Kathy

Cristi said...

Congrats to the Randalls. The pictures are wonderful!

Love to all,

Auntie C.

Joneel said...

Craig !!!! You rock, big time. Getting the pictures and video up,
Woo Hoo. I just got home from a long trip to church sites, so am just now seeing you guys added another darling to the family. So exciting. She is a lucky little girl.