Monday, May 12, 2008

What exactly do you do?

A lot of times people ask me, "exactly what is it that you do?" I actually had a friend ask me that on the way to lunch today. Well, I offer this YouTube clip to help show you the end process of what I'm working on now for Nokia. The project I'm working on is designed to create a program to connect Nokia, their channel partners and independent software vendors (ISVs or developers) in an effective go-to-market program. The Nokia partner here is Invisible IT based out of the Bay Area. The ISV here is Agito (a company I've had a pair of meetings with and who I can say have great leadership), and the handset is a Nokia eSeries device. This ain't your cell providers freebie Nokia handset. Nokia makes from pretty kickin' handsets--and this is one of them, as you'll see.

So, now do you have a better idea what I do? Didn't think so!

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