Tuesday, March 28, 2006

This is free?

So I picked up a copy of USA Today before heading into the gym at the Hilton Phoenix Airport for my workout. I decided to actually read all of it, not just the sports section, and found an interesting article in the Money section...or was it the Life...I don't recall...on blogging. We all have a vague idea of what blogging is...but I had no idea I could drink the kool-aid and create a blog F.O.C. Like Homer Simpson says, "I think I can afford 'free'," so I've swallowed the blue pill (or is it the red?) and the journey starts here. I'm sure this will compete regularly for the "World's Most Bland Blog" on a regular basis, but who cares? It's free. Enjoy the silence.

One more thing: When in Phoenix, do as the Phoenicians (is that what they're called? We're so far from water here, so that can't be it) do: Stay away from the Phoenix Coyotes games. We went there tonight and I noticed that the seats are maroon. I noticed this because so many of them were empty. They had an interesting little scoreboard thingy called "bubble vision" which as far as I can tell, simply means "look at bald men through a skewed lens that enlarges their bald heads and makes them look like aliens." Oh, and let the hilarity ensue.

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