Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Minnesota Timberwolves

What the hell happened to Minnesota over the past two years? I've been dumbfounded as I've watched the abysmal slide of the T-Wolves from perennial contender to laughingstock. After two seasons of mediocrity...wait...mediocrity would be an improvement...two seasons of NCAA-esque ball, I've pinpointed the problem: McHale

When he played for Bird Island-Lake Lillian as a high-schooler, he was good. When he was perennial sixth man of the year in Boston, he was good. When he joined the Wolves as GM, he crapped out like a banana left in the sun for a week.

Get rid of we can keep KG. And KG, stay in Minnie...we want you...and Lurch can go back up north and coach a middle school team.

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