Monday, September 01, 2008

Minnesota Awesomeness

Okay, if you've never been to the Minnesota State Fair, too bad for you. It is greasy goodness, deep-fried and on a stick. Arteries cringe at the sound of the fair approaching. You pay $11 to get in the gate and have the pleasure of shedding years off your life in delicious fashion. Behold, the list of "on-a-stick" foods, courtesy of Fairbourne's Food Finder. Nummy.

We were able to sample the following foods:
-- Deep-fried cheese curds: a Fair staple for decades, these are ridiculously good;
-- Sweet Martha's chocolate chip cookies: ten cashiers wide and a line of 10-15 at each cashier purchasing a $14 bucket o' cookies means Sweet Martha is taking baths in twenties;
-- Key Lime pie on a stick: seen this in the past, this was the first year we went for it. Good, but would be better with non-dark chocolate dip;
-- Cheesecake on a stick: get. get. get. and get another one.
-- Zeppoles: Italian something-or-other dough bathed in powdered sugar: a winner
-- Dairy building "malt": nothing more than soft-server ice cream smothered in blackberries--it was good, but wasn't a malt;

In the past I've sampled the Lutheran sundae, which was a pile of mashed potatoes with a big meatloafy meatball and gravy on top, which is quite tasty, an egg roll on a stick and many other things.

Make plans to come next August. Totally worth the trip. And I'm totally biased about it, too. I own it.

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