Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Just a short note about my awesome Father's Day. On our way home from California this weekend, my wife asked me what I wanted for dinner on Father's Day. Without hesitation, I requested one of her awesome paellas. So there I was today, surrounded by good friends and an incredible wife eating one of my favorite foods. Remember, Carrie doesn't even eat paella. The only reason she learned how to make it was because I love it so much. If you ask me, she makes the most delicious paella on the planet. Anyone who disagrees with me is free to take a taste. That ought to shut them up!

Thanks, honey!

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basquegirl said...

Thanks Honey!! What other delish concoction can I prepare for you? Sweet and sour meatballs? Menudo?
You name it...if I don't have to eat it...