Thursday, April 17, 2008

Idaho's Democratic Primary a LAUGHER

This story makes me want to go and register as a Democrat here in Idaho. If I do, I could vote for Keith Russell Judd, who is in prison in Texas until 2013. According to the story, all you need to get on the Dem ballot here is $1000 of discretionary cash.

I'm not sure which part of this story I like more: that a convicted felon is on the same ballot as an unconvicted felon and an America-hater; that a man who can't vote in an election is eligible to be on the ballot for an election; or that it only costs $1000 to get on the ballot. When we lived in California, I almost put myself on the recall election ballot that got Arnold Schwarzenegger elected, but I think it would've cost me $2500. I've got better things to do with my $$$ than beat Cruz Bustamante or Gray Davis.


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basquegirl said...

Honey...that's not nice. You might hurt their FEELINGS!!! Do a rushmore on words that mean nothing: liberal, progressive, changiness and hope-itude.