Friday, March 14, 2008

Girl Scout Cookies Should be 501(c)

As my daughter's Girl Scout cookie sales wind down for 2008, I'm left to ponder whether or not the $320 we spent on lipid disks was worth it. If only Uncle Sam would make cookies tax-exempt under some number like 501. Funny thing is, we wouldn't be getting the largest deduction on her sales. That designation is reserved for her grandma in California who has now made two separate orders--and has yet to taste a cookie. They're sitting in our garage. My wife was on the phone with her Mother this morning taking a second order with the purpose, I believe, of pushing our daughter's sales total over 500 boxes. To her credit, she sold door-to-door and didn't pansy out like other kids by sending their cookie order sheet to work, plus she's worked all three store-front booth sales. That is one man-hour intensive little patch, baby. And she earned EVERY stitch of that little embroidered piece of fuzz!


Joneel said...

Isn't it crazy what they do for a silly little patch. But does she get to go on some fun excursion also?

basquegirl said...

Listen you! We didn't order that many cookies. Only 9 boxes this year, a stark contrast from our 19 last year! mom bought cookies for the troops!!!
Do not mock the Girl Scouts! They and their cookie mom know where you live and where you sleep!! There's a patch for that, too!