Wednesday, February 27, 2008

How the EU Pays its Bloated Bills

I'm a little upset at something that really doesn't affect me at all this morning. I read this story citing how the EU is fining Microsoft $1.5B USD for "violations of its antitrust ruling in 2004" and could only think, "this is how a bureaucracy supports itself." It's rather like socialism/communism/marxism. In order to maintain relevance and sustain its life, these ideologies confiscate, fine, tax and steal in order to feed the pig--the bloated, fat, hungry pig. Because innovation and socialism play together like lamb and a lion, socialism has to tax the innovation of others in order to keep up its existence. This is ridiculous. Sad. Expected.

So, what does 899M euros buy you these days, new office chairs for the Brussels bunker?

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