Monday, December 31, 2007

Chuck E. Cheesy

Went to Chuck E. Cheese last Saturday with the two big ones. Of course I spent about 100 big ones while there...but as you can see from the picture, the kids love it. It only took me about a minute to not worry about whether the kids were "wasting" their tokens on games. The ROI on the tickets back doesn't get you anything the end of the day, you get 300 tickets, a plastic bug ring, and smiles on the kids' faces. (Having a spray bottle of anti-bacterial/germicidal/anti-fungal/ay carumba is good, too.)

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maren bosley said...

Chuck E. Cheesy is right. I think I've taken my kids a total of 2 times (all because other people invited us). Last time I was there there were 4 adults who came in to eat during their lunch break. I kept thinking that their spouses and children would join them (why else would grown-ups eat there). Needless to say, no one ever joined them and after their meals they left together. Pretty sad if you ask me.