Thursday, April 12, 2007

Imus-t Blog About This

I found this today on CNN:

"On Wednesday, appearing on CNN's "The Situation Room," presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama, D.-Illinois, blasted NBC for airing a host who makes "derogatory statements toward women and minorities."

I think Sean Hannity of Fox News says it best, although he's joined in concept almost equally by radio's Michael Savage: Don Imus shouldn't be fired, he should be left to the free-market forces. No one listens to his show now, and now that advertisers will leave him like a crowd exiting a flaming theater, his show will end for good.

The other piece of Hannity and Savage's comments include the race-mongers Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson being the new barometer for what is and is not appropriate. If memory serves me, and it does, Jackson referred to New York as "hymietown" while Al Sharpton has spoken of "Jewing down (poll) numbers" among many other comments that would fit into Obama's definition of "derogatory statements toward...minorities."

The hyopcrisy of the left in America and the blatant double-standard is sickening. Hateful speech and insensitivity is what it is, no matter who displays it. The unlistenable Don Imus said something ridiculous. He gets skewered. Sharpton says similar things on a regular basis, and he's given a pass. I don't even want to talk about Jackson. He's a fraud, a shakedown artist and a professional blackmailer. I have inside information on this that I will not disclose, but sufficeth to say, Jackson's "Rainbow PUSH" is funded at least to some extent by business extortion.

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